Sales Artists
Many of our members belong to more than one Guild.They are curious about many forms of art and often combine their various skills to produce wonderful art forms. Even dedicated painters, often switch between oils, watercolours, pastels, inks, acrylics, and multi media.
Cynthia Andreychuk - Ceramics, Fine Art

Frank Anthony
- Stained Glass

Barbara Ariss - Fine Art

Heather Brownridge - Stained Glass, Ceramics

Angela Coleman - Fine Art

Roy Frost - Stained Glass

Shelli Harrison - Ceramics - Stained Glass

Kathie Hopkins - Fine Art

Susan Kerr - Stained Glass

Eric Kohlfurst - Special Needs Art, Art Cards

Merry Little - Weaving & Spinning - Fibre Arts

Carolyn Martin - Fine Art - Ceramics

Helen McLoughlin - Ceramics

Connie Munson- Fine Art

Frans Rood - Ceramics - Raku & Functional

Dawn Rumsey - Ceramics

Rose Scully/Stasierowski - Fine Arts

Margaret Searle - Hand Weaver

Alison Sharp - Ceramics

Kim Taylor - Fine Art

Milly Tseng - Little Treasures in Fine Art, Paintings

Elaine Turkington - Fine Art

Rose Ann Vita - Fine Arts