Forms, Faces & Places

An opportunity awaits you to participate this May in a special Passport Tour that is part of the 27th Scotiabank CONTACT Festival by applying

to the 2nd annual FORMS, FACES & SPACES, figuratively speaking!.  This show is hosted again by E. Connie Munson's Studio By Design and will be hung in two galleries, the Lower Sisnett Lobby of the Helson Gallery in Georgetown and the Falls Gallery in Alton Mill Arts Center.  Two arts organizations, Visual Arts Brampton and Arts on the Credit, are the primary endorsers of this now annual exhibit.

Of Special Note ... in the tradition of collaboration that the CONTACT embodies, this exhibit is approved for accepting all forms of fine art,which means photography and other 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional art.  Last year's premiere exhibit of FORMS, FACES & SPACES, figuratively speaking!, had over 120 pieces of photography, graphics and sculptural art exhibited from 40 artists and photographers. 

Both galleries are in renowned tourist destination areas with marketing to encourage movement between the galleries. With a full schedule of arts and cultural events every weekend at both sites, the drive between the galleries becomes part of the experience when exploring up in those scenic hills.  Further incentives for visitors to get their Passports stamped on weekends will be the weekly draws for prizes.

Jurors Judy Daley, recently retired from a rich curatorial career and now exploring her own arts practice, and Fausta Facciponte, photographer, artist and professor of photography, are the jurors for this year's show.  They are excited to be involved with the show and are looking forward to their participation with some weekend events.

The schedule of events includes two weekend presentations with Guest Participant, Robert Steven, Executive Director of the Portrait Gallery of Canada. His presentations, plus the usual Juror's Walk and another curatorial presentation, along with two Opening Receptions and two Awards Ceremonies, one at each location, are the foundation of the weekend events.  As with last year's programming, other arts and cultural performances will be added. 

For exhibitors, there are these considerations, plus being part of the CONTACT, the world's largest photography event ...

  • cash prizes for First, Second, and Third place
  • a People's Choice award at each location
  • a Mayor's Choice award at each location
  • a BONUS three month tour in two cities at two galleries in commercial locations; a combined approximate foot traffic of 30,000+, June - August
  • Early Bird Draw - apply by February 28 and be one of two with a Featured Exhibitor Placard in Bonus Tour

Volunteers at the Falls Gallery will have the opportunity to bring along and sell unframed work, such as prints and cards [not unframed canvases nor boards], with no commission taken as long as they can handle their own sales.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you who visited last year's show at the Parish Hall in Norval.  The theme is open to your interpretation as your work explores ....  What does it mean to be human? 

  1. Show people involved in their daily tasks and lives,
  2. how do they express themselves,
  3. how do people interact with their own created environments and the natural world around them, 
  4. how do they explore their lives and what meaning do they ascribe to it?
  5. what emotions and experiences lift people up, give hope and joy?

The range of pieces last year included representational, impressionistic then symbolic and abstract work. The media used were photography, mixed media, paintings and drawings in watercolor, acrylic, oils, inks, and some wonderful sculptural pieces in ceramics and mixed media.

With much regard for all of the visual storytellers out there, please share widely and contact me with any questions, 

E. Connie Munson

647 466-1896