Fall  2014


Instructor:  Margaret Carney         Website:   


This course will teach you the following topics:

This 4 night series will allow you to explore some of the newer three dimensional art forms. From assemblage of found materials to paper casting – you will be able to try out some outrageous and fun experiments in a supportive setting.
1. Develop a mask/plaque with clay, create plaster mold over top

2. Lay up the mold with blended paper fibres

3. remove mask/plaque from mold and finish with paints etc.

4. The Art of Assemblage
Within this class we will explore assemblage artists primarily Louise Nevelson and Joseph Cornell, who created works using everyday "found objects." Students will chose one artist's style to explore and create their own 3D "assemblage" sculpture

Dates:    Fridays October 17, 24, 31; November 7

Times:     6:30 pm until 9:30 pm

Members:  $  115     Non-Members:  $ 125

Notes:    Encaustic art is art which is made by melting wax and using it as a pigment medium. The result is a rich, vibrant, textural work of art which can be endlessly manipulated with an assortment of tools. the texture of the finished work can be altered with the assistance of heat lamps and similar tools which will soften the wax, allowing artists to manipulate it and embed objects into the painting.

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