Eric Kohlfurst

About the Artist:

Eric born in 1992 and living in Georgetown he has been painting for almost 7 years and is a most prolific artist. A man of a few words yet his presence and smile can brighten up the room.  Eric was not encouraged to take Art in school as they felt he would not be able to follow the curricular. He began painting when he was in his early 20’s after finishing school; not that he expressed an interest but placed in an environment with artists that would encourage him to experiment freely.  Eric is selectively mute so I will attempt to describe him the best I can here. Known as “Magoo” a name I gave him when he was little and it seemed to fit him as an Artist so let’s just say it made a come-back.


Eric has a deep love for movies and animals (especially horses) and loves to be in the kitchen. He loves to do selfless service/volunteer work and for several years has helped provide the seniors with Art gifts for their hallway walls and rooms at Christmas.


In 2016 he took 2 years of painting classes at Royal Academy of Art & Education in Georgetown. This is where he painted his animals with direction from his instructor, Gina Gallant. With that experience he transformed his animal paintings in 8 phases of note cards. Eight different animals in each and sold 25 sets of each phase. They were sold in Ashrams in Toronto, Montreal and BC, through Instagram and word of mouth. He has given some sets for fundraisers as well as supported others with offering 1/2 of his sales to worthy causes. His biggest gift is his abstract work, which he is self taught. He has spent time painting amongst other Artists and encouraged to express what he sees and feels.


Eric works with acrylic paint and possess an intensity of shapes and colours that take on a life of their own and leaves a viewer awestruck. His work has been displayed in Georgetown, Kitchener, Etobicoke and Toronto alone and with other Artists at Art exhibits, cafés, museums and the Georgetown farmers market. When asked to name his paintings Eric has refused. I believe he feels names will limit the experience people feel when looking at his Art. That holds a big meaning for him as he has spent most of his life with a label himself.


Eric has an website that displays his work and accomplishments and I have began to blog about his experiences and paintings. Eric has also been commissioned to paint personal painting for friends, professionals and acquaintances.  He paints from his heart and paints a story on the canvas for the final owner of the painting.  He has been teaching me to pay attention through his art and trusting me to tell the story.  I have been able to write about some of the experiences and have many more to write. There is so much to say and I’m just beginning to try and find words to give people a little bit of Eric’s beautiful mind.



Rose (his Mom) on behalf of Eric, Magoo

Commissioned Work

2018, Mar - Clair, Alzheimer’s client, Burlington

2017, Nov - Dynamic Health Integrative Clinic, Georgetown

2017, May - Clovers, Georgetown

2016, Nov - Olga, Oakville

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Each of Eric's original paintings can be purchased as blank  frameable note cards as well!!  To check out details, see EK010 below and order by referring to specific Painting number EK001 to EK008.

Rumi        11" x 13"     Black Frame
St Francis of Assisi   11" x 13"  Black Frame
Maya Angelou    11" x 13"     Black Frame
Carl Jung     8" x 10"     White Matte Frame  11" x 14"
Amma        8" x 10"     White Matte Frame  11" x 14"
Crazy Horse        11" x 14"     Black Frame
Rumi        11" x 14"     White Frame
Emerson       11" x 14"     White Frame
5" x 7" Blank Cards

$5 each
5 cards for $20
10 cards plus presentation box for $40

Please state the reference number(s) under each painting above to order specific cards!

"Accept What Is"
12" x 36"  Canvas