The Credit Valley Artisans is a Non-Profit group of artisans that is run by the members with an elected board of directors. Payment of rent, heating, utilities, etc. is paid for by membership fees, holding art courses, and a percentage of profits from the sales. We have no paid staff and therefore must each contribute what they are able to run the organization. This may consist of cleaning and repairing the cottage, helping out at sales, and managing the business of the organization.

For each sale, a sales committee is established that consists of at least one member from each of the guilds. About 2 to 3 months before each sale, the committee starts meeting to plan the event. We usually make them “fun” meetings that involve pot-luck and sharing of tasks. Closer to the event we get the co-operation of other members of the CVA to help with the cleaning, decorating, co-ordinating, displaying, advertising, putting up posters, and anything else that is needed.

It is a rule that anyone putting articles in the sale must help in some way on the days of the sale. A board is put up in the cottage and members sign up for tasks and times. Often members, who don't have anything to sell, join in to help the team and make it a fun event for all.

15% of the sales go to the CVA to help defray the costs of maintenance of the cottage, equipment purchase and maintenance, hydro and water, rent, supplies, advertising, and other overhead costs. The remainder goes to the individual artists.

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