Kathie Hopkins

About the Artist:

Kathie Hopkins, is an award-winning Ontario artist who began her oil painting career before the age of 10.  She was born in Winnipeg Manitoba in 1957, living across Canada from the prairies to British Columbia and settling in southern Ontario in her youth.   This exposure to the changing regions, and their unique vastness has inspirited her.  Predominately self taught, until she studied with Roberta Vallier, of Calgary.  In 1979 she graduated from Seneca Collage, in Interior and Graphic Design and even at that age was producing works that collectors have in their homes to this day.   After a 35 year career she now returns to her original passion and inspiration for her work, the Canadian Landscape as she finds her voice once again.

She is a member of the Credit Valley Artisans and paints predominantly in oil in her Georgetown studio.  She has previously exhibited at Core Studios, the Sisnett Lobby, the Helson Gallery and the Mayors Plein Air Showcase in Georgetown and at the Southpaw Cafe.  She has also been the featured artist of the month in at Heather's Bakery and Cafe.

She is particularly drawn to capturing the effects of bouncing light and strives to immerse the viewer, with a tranquil emotion, a pleasant memory or in the atmosphere of the day."

When not in her studio, Kathie can be found oil painting or joining the local plein air artists to capture the Georgetown country-side..