Kim Taylor

From the time she can remember holding a pencil, art and drawing have been a passion, dedicating a great deal of time in her early days of education to the arts.  In her mid twenties a second passion would also take hold, public service.  While attending her second year at Ontario College of Art Toronto, Peel Regional Police would call her to serve.  Throughout her policing career, art remained a constant.  Later in her career she co founded The Police Artists of Peel, a combination of talented civilians and police officers.  This career has come to a close for her and while policing was an outstanding adventure, the human condition and art have come full circle.

Her creations are what she refers to as "moments in time". Her subject may be as simple as a wild flower on the side of a road, a door in the South of France or a person struggling to feed themselves. Her art is from the heart and needs to move her personally.

She has many great influences in her travels as an artist, both sides of her family share the same passion for art.  Over the past 15 years, Wyndham Art in Guelph has provided her with studio time to create from life, an amazing opportunity.  Fellow artists from the West Hills Art Group in Guelph and Credit Valley Artisans in Georgetown have been wonderful supports for her along her journey. 

Her work is mainly graphite and coloured pencil.  

If you are interested in her work please contact her at:

Kim created this series as a result of encountering individuals who were otherwise invisible to the world except for their beloved pets.  The unconditional love between the owner and pet was apparent to her but what was also obvious was how they were overlooked, not seen unless their pet played a part in "being seen".  Each person provided permission to photograph with the understanding that she intended to draw them.