Winter 2018

Printing on Etching Press:

Instructor:  Stephanie Schirm         Website:   


This course will teach you the following topics:

This 6 lesson course will teach you how to use the printing press and will enable you to create additive, reductive, and direct offset monotype prints. You will make monotype prints using watercolour paints and found objects. At the end of each class you will have at least one completed printed work ready for framing.

Dates:    TBA

Times:     7:00pm - 9:00 pm

Members:  $  150     Non-Members:  $ 180


This printmaking course is made up of different mono type prints. Every class will be a reminder how to sent up the press.

Every lesson includes the elements and principals of design.

Lesson 1: How to add line and texture to your printing plate

Lesson 2: How to remove ink from your plate ( working in the negative )

Lesson 3: How to make a monotype print with found objects, including collage

Lesson 4: How to create watercolour monotypes.