Beginner Stained Glass
Levels 1 & 2!

Spring 2018

Decorative Stained Glass   

Instructor:  Susan Kerr           


A bright and colourful way to decorate your home and create handcrafted gifts for your friends or family.

Beginners who are venturing into the art of stained glass for the first time will learn the basics of creating a pattern; methods of scoring, breaking out, grinding, foiling, and soldering of coloured and textured glass.

The course also provides an excellent refresher for those who are out of practice and may want to brush up on their skills.

Students will be working on a 3 to 4 piece light catcher and a main project of 8x10 inches - comprised of 12 to 15 pieces.

Dates:       8 Thursday evenings:  Starting March 21, 2019    
Times:       First & last evenings - 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm   
                  All others:  7:30 pm - 10:00pm

Cost:     Members:  $  190*              Non-Members:  $ 210*
               * including supplies and use of equipment.

All tools, equipment and supplies are provided by the instructor and included in the course fee.