1.  Intro to Painting for Kids  (5 to 12):


Kids will have fun while learning to draw and paint. They will develop an understanding of how shapes and forms help us sketch with proportion. We will explore different techniques to add life to your creations. These 2 hour sessions are packed with fun and learning for all kids.

Dates:    3 Saturdays starting October 13

Times:    1:00 - 3:00 pm

Cost:      $50 for 3 - 2 hour classes



2. Youth Pottery (10 to 14):

Instructor:  Janice Sukhiani & Carolyn Martin


Learn to build Ceramic Creations using slabs, molds, coils, and pinching. These are methods used from ancient time to current day. Using your hands and some basic tools, you will be able to make a pot and then graduate to creating  a Dragon. Then you will use glazes and paints to finish your unique masterpiece.

Dates:    3 Saturdays - starting October 13
Times:   9:00am – 11:00am  
Cost:     $85
Note: all material costs included in fee