Robin Mitchell Workshop

Painting from Photographs

Over the course of three days we will cover the following:
-   Painting a scene with trees and streams
-   Painting a scene with buildings
-   Painting a scene with flowers/gardens

Robin will also be demonstrating an easy way to paint people to add human interest to your paintings and discussing what to look for when taking photographs.

What to bring:

(If you want to use the same colours as Robin):
Ivory Black Phthalo Blue Ultramarine Blue Cobalt Blue Alizarin Crimson Burnt Sienna Cadmium Red Cadmium Orange Cadmium Yellow Titanium White (is two colours for each primary, so a warm and cool for each yellow, blue and red. I add black and a earth colour as well either Burnt Sienna or Yellow Orche.)

Note: Please use a medium viscosity paint - (please don’t bring liquid acrylics)
If using Acrylics - Acrylic Painting medium - Golden Acrylic Brand — to thin my paint and aid in my painting process.

flats - a half inch and a one inch. The brushes are fairly soft, synthetic and are used for water media
Long filbert brush - No 2
A rigger - about one inch in length
Note: Always use a bigger brush that you think is needed.

Painting Surfaces:
Canvas or canvas panels - something with a bit of tooth to it. Please choose a size that you can comfortably able to complete in about two and a half hours. 8x10, 9x12

Other Supplies:
Palette paper - I use a glass sheet to mix my paint. I place my paint on a wet paper towel so it doesn’t dry out quickly. You can also use a wet palette system
Paper towels
Water container
Baby wipes
- best thing to clean up with Brush soap
Easel or some sort of support for you painting surface. I use a pochade type set up which attaches to a tripod.
Your photographs
Camera or Cell -  to take photographs

Your Lunch or How About a Potluck!

Dates:    July 26 - 28
Time:    10:00AM - 2:00 PM
Cost: $80 / lesson (CVA members $65 / lesson)
or series of 3 for $160 (CVA members $130)

Robin's Bio:

I teach at the Oakville Arts Society, an Art Club in Bronte , the Dundas Valley School of Art as well as a number of other small groups. I give two or thee day workshops as well as evening and week day class that range from four to eight weeks. All of my classes are taught using water-soluble oils and/or acrylic paints. I sometimes choose a subject for the entire session or work from what people bring to class (their own photos). The skill level is normally someone what has some painting experience - not the absolute beginner. I prepare a worksheet for each class and paint a demo in the beginning - normally 45min to an hour and then the remainder of the time I help each individual student with what they are working on.


Winter Workshops

1. Local Clay Ceramic Pots:

Instructor:  Monika Minnis & Frans Rood                               Website:   


In this two Saturday mornings workshop you will explore soft clay slab techniques while making your own ceramic dish or pot. Monika will guide you through the making of this piece from clay that is native to this area. Use your imagination to create a pot that is uniquely yours. Sculpt the clay to add on or embellish! The fun is not only in the making, but in the enjoyment of your creation afterwards.

The pieces will be bisque fired by the instructor in time for the second session, when you can decorate it using underglazes, clear glaze, and/or brush-on glazes. After glaze firing it can be picked up at a time discussed during the class.

Dates:    Saturday January 30 and Saturday February 6

Times:     9:30 am until 12:30 pm

Members:  $  50     Non-Members:  $ 65

               All tools and supplies for making your piece are included in the course fee .. Any additional pieces made by the students may incur small extra costs..




Winter 2016

Photoshop for Beginners:

Instructor:  Lisa Pointner        


Bring your computer with Photoshop or Picassa installed and learn the details of how to use the program to enhance your photographs and bring your work to the next level. Small classes ensure individual attention.

Dates: 4 Wednesdays -  March 30, April 6, 13, 27

Times:  6:30pm – 9pm

Cost: $80.00  (CVA Members $60) for all 4 lessons


Winter 2016

Figures and Beyond:      Maximum of 12 students

Instructor:  Stephanie Schirm          


This course will teach you the following topics:

This exciting, once-a-month figure workshop will challenge painters and drawers of all experience levels to up their game with unusual and fun projects. Each class will begin with a lesson and project assignment – and the rest of the day is yours to work out your own unique solution in dry or wet media (or some combination)–with regular and individual feedback from Stephanie.

Dates:   September 18, October 16, November 13, December 11, 2015
Times:    9:00am - 4:00 pm

Individual Workshop = $70 (CVA members $50)  

Register below:


October 16:      Hands and Feet
November 13:  D
raping the Figure
December 11:   Zorn Palette


Supply List:
  • Bring stuff! You can work in whatever medium or media you choose – just be sure to bring a large sketchbook (11"x14" or larger) for thumbnails. And be prepared for longer, more sustained poses.


Fall 2015

Printing on Etching Press:

Instructor:  Stephanie Schirm         Website:   


This course will teach you the following topics:

This 6 lesson course will teach you how to use the printing press and will enable you to create additive, reductive, and direct offset monotype prints. You will make monotype prints using watercolour paints and found objects. At the end of each class you will have at least one completed printed work ready for framing.

Dates:    September  22, 29;  October 6, 13, 20, 27

Times:     7:00pm - 9:30 pm

Members:  $  150     Non-Members:  $ 180


This printmaking course is made up of different mono type prints. Every class will be a reminder how to sent up the press.

Every lesson includes the elements and principals of design.

Lesson 1: How to add line and texture to your printing plate

Lesson 2: How to remove ink from your plate ( working in the negative )

Lesson 3: How to make a monotype print with found objects, including collage

Lesson 4: How to create watercolour monotypes.


Figurative Abstract!

Fall 2015

The Clothed Figure:

Instructor:  Stephanie Schirm         Website:   


Dates:    Friday November 6
Times:     11:30am - 4:30 pm
Cost:      Members:  $  50     Non-Members:  $ 70

Please bring a lunch with you. There is coffee, tea, and snacks available and a microwave and refrigerator.

Every lesson includes the elements and principals of design.



Fall 2015

Non-Objective Paint Collage:

Instructor:  Stephanie Schirm         Website:   


For those interested in an non- objective approach in exploring the different techniques of collage work.
All are welcome, no drawing or painting knowledge is needed, as we our goal is to create abstract images and not realistic ones. Focusing on the fundamentals creating 2 dimensional collages, using a number of different mediums, techniques and materials.

All Students will leave this class with a finished piece to hang.

Dates:    Friday November 6

Times:    10:00am - 4:00 pm

Members:  $  40     Non-Members:  $ 60        

Please bring a lunch with you. There is coffee, tea, and snacks available and a microwave and refrigerator.


Decorative Stained Glass Lampshade

Instructor:  Susan Kerr         Website:  http://www.


Spend a relaxing evening learning to paint your home with light. This workshop will focus on the creation of a stained glass panel lampshade to accent a desk, bedside table, or small corner of your home. The copper foil method, which was created by Louis Comfort Tiffany, will be taught. This is your chance to learn the basics of this traditional art form.

Students must have completed a beginner stained glass through the CVA or at another retail outlet or association offering stained glass courses.

Dates:   10 Thursdays: 
Dates to Be Determined

7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

All tools and equipment are provided and supplies are included in the course fee


Oil Painting:

Oil Painting for Beginners!

Instructor:  Shelley Newman         Website:


This course will teach you the following topics:

This beginner level oil painting will start by familiarizing students with the bendability of this medium. Our first instruction will show students how to achieve a three dimensional effect using still life. We will move on from there to learn dry brush blending and to experience a new way of understanding colour theory. This course will initially follow a step by step approach followed by each student simultaneously. After the first set of exercises are completed, each student  can then proceed with their own subject matter and utilize their own images.

Please wear old clothes, bring a beverage and snack, and be ready to have fun.

Some supplies will be provided, but students should bring whatever oil paints and brushes they currently have. Supplies will be discussed during the first class.

Note:  Afternoon or Evening classes available..

Dates:    6 Wednesday evenings -  October 12, 26 & November 9, 30 & December 14, 21

Times:       7:30 until 9:30 pm


Dates:    6 Thursday afternoons -  October 6, 13, 20, 27 & November 10, 17

Times:       2:00 until 4:00 pm



William's Drawing Workshop - Anyone Can Do It!

Instructor:  William Band         Website:


 This course will teach you the following topics:

    1. Introduction to understanding shapes and structures
    2. Perspective - the key to understanding
    3. Working from Photos - Value studies
    4. Contour Drawing - the key to seeing
    5. Charcoal and the kneaded eraser.
    6. Draped material on coloured paper.
    7. Pen line structures and a simple wash.
    8. Portraits and figure from photos.
    9. Fine pen line and negative space.
    10. Coloured pencil studies.

Dates:   3 Saturdays - September 10, 17, 24

Times:   10:00 am  to 2:00 pm

Please bring any drawing materials and supplies that you have - William will discuss what materials you need during the first class.

Don't forget to bring a lunch!!


Weave a Basket Workshop

Instructor:  Laura Kingsbury       

Overview:  Weave a basket in a day 

During this 6 hour workshop, students will receive instruction and supplies to produce a woven basket in a basic design by the end of the day.  All supplies are included in the course fee.

Don’t forget to bring a lunch!


Times:   10:00 am to 4:00 pm


Hand-Building - All levels

Instructor:   Frans Rood         Website:


This 8 week course will teach you basic hand-building skills through the exploration of different shapes and construction techniques. You will learn how to make your own primary-form mold and the use of the slab-roller. The course takes you through bisque firing, painting and glazing, and the final firing of your finished pieces.

It is also an excellent refresher for those who have some experience, but are out of practice and want to brush up on their skills. A good way to get comfortable with the equipment, tools, and surroundings at the cottage.

Limited tools will be loaned during the term of the program and all supplies are included in the course fee.

The program is presented on a need-to-know basis. Although there is a general outline – assessments are made as the lessons progress. This may lead to an alteration of the course to suit the group or, in some cases, the individual.

Basic forms are executed to familiarize the participants with the concept of form and function. Usually students have some idea what they would like to make and I will endeavour to help them achieve a reasonable goal.

The classes will be using white stoneware and firing to one temperature range. This makes it easier for everyone to fire, glaze, and bring articles to completion at the same time.

During the course, kilns are loaded and fired under the directions of the instructor.

The primary intention is to learn and to explore something you have never done before - or want to improve on. I want you to have an enjoyable experience working with the class. You are encouraged to give feedback to ensure the program meets your expectations.

Dates:   8 Wednesdays

Times:   7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

    Students are asked to bring an old towel and to wear old clothes.
             All tools and equipment are provided for use during the course - and clay, glazes,
           and firing are included in the course fee.

           Extra clay may be purchased from the instructor if required.


Experimental Acrylics!

Fall 2014

Experimental Acrylics: 

Instructor:  Margaret Carney         Natural & Experimental Artist - "Grenouille" at the Library  


This course will teach you the following topics:

This class is intended for participants who have basic working knowledge of acrylic paints. We will explore ground preparation, painting on different supports, creating textures, layering, embedding objects, pigments, acrylic transfers, and many more techniques.  

Times:    6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Join us to create several paintings in the first day and complete them the second!


Supply List:
  • Sketch book
  • Any size brushes that you have.
  • Any tools that can be used for applying paint - anything that might make interesting textures
  • Palette knives, stamps, papers, or objects for collage, stencils. embellishments, objects to embed into a painting, photo references, etc.
  • Acrylic paints or gouache of any type - tube, pots, or liquid - any colours of your choice - at least 5 to 10 colours.
  • Canvas support or boards - At least one larger canvas or board for final piece (minimum 24 x 24 to 30 x 30..  smaller gessoed boards for experimenting..

we will supply gesso, modeling paste, super-heavy gel, matte medium



William's Watercolour Workshop - Anyone Can Do It!

Instructor:  William Band         Website:


This course will cover a wide range of  topics:-

  • rough thumbnail sketches
  • working from a photograph
  • graduated washes
  • working dark to light
  • mountains
  • drawing skills
  • introduction to contour
  • rugged barn with spatter
  • dry brush texture
  • rust
  • landscape
  • hasty note cards

Dates:   Mondays -

Times:   10:00 am  to 12:30 pm

Please bring any drawing materials and supplies that you have - William will discuss what materials you need during the first class.