Introduction to Weaving!

Fall 2018
Instructor:  Ian Oldaker           


Introduction to Weaving                 Beginner  - Family                    

This basic course will be very hands on - with participants weaving from day one. All will have the use of an individual table loom that you can take home to do homework! (Thought that had ended, eh!)
Start date is mid Feb and ending early April but this is flexible.

Subjects to be covered include:

  • Design and operation of looms,

  • preparing yarns and warps for weaving

  • setting up and preparing the loom.

All participants will start with plain weave, and go on to twills and other structures, hem stitching, etc. Also we will discuss designing cloth for different uses, and finishing with designing and weaving a piece of your choice.

Dates/Times:     8 Wednesday evenings: Starting October 3 - 6:30 pm-9:00 pm

Cost:     Members:  $  150             Non-Members:  $  190

You will be provided with a Dorothy small table loom that will be ready to start weaving on Day 1. You will be able to fold the loom to take home between classes, for homework (no it hasn't ended!)

The yarns and shuttles, etc., come as well, but please bring with you:

  • darning needle(s) with a blunt point - this is for hemstitching,
  • short steel ruler, approx one inch wide if possible,
  • squared paper - squares approx 1/8 inch,
  • coloured pencils for later on the course