Acrylic Boot Camp!

Winter 2018


Instructor:  Bianca Guna              Website:          


In this workshop we will learn valuable information about Golden Acrylics (Heavy Body, Fluid and Golden High Flow Acrylic)as well as Golden Gels , Mediums and Pastes that will open up new possibilities.
We'll see how mineral and modern pigments relates to clean color mixing, glazing and the creation of fabulous new mixed colors. Learn the unique properties of fluid acrylics, and the various gels, pastes and aggregates that transform any surface (canvas, wood panel) into an acrylic friendly one.
Discover new mediums for unusual effects.
Get exposed to the many ways you can change the texture, saturation and intensity of your work. Check out the amazing new grounds to prepare contemporary surfaces for painting, drawing, pastel and mixed water media.
I will demonstrate then everybody can paint their own pieces!
A short group critique will end the painting session, and everybody will go home with at least couple of small finished paintings!!

Times:    10:00am - 4:00pm

Date:     Saturday April 28  

Cost:     Members:  $  60   Non-Members:  $ 90


Supply List:

REMINDER: The Golden Acrylic Paints, Gels and Mediums WILL BE SUPPLIED BY INSTRUCTOR for FREE!

Depending on the surface you want to paint you can bring:

  • 4-6 canvases or 4-6 wood panels ( or three of each) no bigger than 12” x 12” each. (I have had students finishing 8 paintings in less than 3 hours)
  • 1 Sketch Book and 1 Pencil, 1 Roll of Tape
  • Colour Mixing Containers - Glad Blue Square with lids, deep enough and large enough for big size brushes
  • Colour Mixing Pads ( or palettes)
  • Cleaning Water Containers big enough for big brushes
  • Brushes big, synthetic , flat of ½ inch, flat of 1 inch, flat of 1 an ½ inch, flat of 2 inch, one of 3 inch, 1 rigger(calligraphy) , 1 big round Chinese brush(gesture) for painting on paper
  • For texture painting: plastic wrap, sponges, scrapers, mixing palette , palette knifes (or an old discarded credit card will also work)
  • Water Spray Bottle
  • Paper Towels (Bounty) to clean the edges of the paintings