For most artists, the time that we spend at our crafts is isolated. We create in order to share our view of the world with others - we all need to share and learn from our peers in order to progress and grow.

To fill these needs of companionship, space to work, use of shared equipment and facilities, sharing of knowledge, these artisans (some of them in existence for many years) met in houses, basements, or church halls.  No permanent facility seemed to be available for their use.

Their dream came true in 1975 when Halton Hill's Recreation & Parks Department offered to rent them the small Cottage located in Cedarvale Park in Georgetown as a place where they could join into one permanent association.  The “Credit Valley Artisans” (CVA) was then formed and since then four groups, namely the Heritage Hand Weavers and Spinners, the Palette and Pencil Guild, the Potters and Sculptors Guild, and the Stained Glass Artisans have worked together under one roof.

Throughout the year, the CVA organizes art classes and workshops for the Halton Hills' community, and holds annual Sales at the Cedarvale Cottage.